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Fondation de France Asia is a major player in international philanthropy dedicated to tailor make projects for donors interested in supporting cross-border initiatives.

Our expertise provides a cost and time efficient channel for donors to support long lasting sustainable projects. We developed rigorous internal assessment and validation measures by the top specialists from every sector to ensure the impact of the causes we promote. If you are an individual or an enterprise, you can choose from our tax benefited philanthropic products

Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund is a flexible tool for individuals, families, and corporate donors seeking to support non-profit initiatives across the globe.

Support our existing programs

Promote education, fight against poverty, and support initiatives benefiting the local community as well as the international public.

Disaster Response Funds

Disaster Response Funds enable donors to give quickly and confidently when disaster strikes. We have been present in the region, as seen by our response to various emergencies in Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Nepal and Indonesia. 

Fondation de France Asia is a registered charity under the section 88 of Inland Revenue Ordinance – IRO in the Hong Kong SAR, and as such exercises control and discretion over the use of fund so our donors are eligible to receive tax benefits.

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If you have considered giving to a French or international charity in the past, you may have been discouraged after learning of the extra costs and added paperwork that accompany overseas donations. 


Fondation de France Asia is a cost-effective and reliable partner for your international giving. 

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