Fondation De France Asia: A Bridge Of Solidarities Between France and Asia

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Fondation de France Asia is a charitable institution dedicated to build bridges between France and Asia that promote a more balanced, sustainable, and inclusive world.

Our mission is to encourage the desire to act, collaborate, exchange, to create systemic change and make a lasting impact. We achieve it through the support of programmes that promote education, fight against poverty, and support initiatives benefiting the local community as well as the international public.

We are strategically located in the philanthropic hub of Asia: Hong Kong has been established over the last decades as a super connecter between East and West and therefore, we have the ad-hoc location to establish a secure, safe and transparent organisation, recognised under the local law, and allowing tax exemption on charitable donations.

Our Parent foundation

Fondation de France is the Largest Grant-making Charity in France

Fondation de France is a major actor in the philanthropic international scene. With 50 years of experience, it brings together donors, founders, volunteers, and project leaders across the country, providing their constituents safe, effective and impactful opportunities to support their favourite charitable causes.

Through its day-by-day activities, it urges to act into useful and tangible solutions for the advancement of society. Fondation de France is at once a project funder, a facilitator, a partner and a host to foundations on all subjects that impact global societies.
Fondation de France has three objectives: developing philanthropy across nations; sharing best practices; and increasing the scope and impact of joint work on the ground.

Fondation de France is also recognize for the quality of its service, for its transparency and for the donations’ traceability, that generates trust within the different individuals and organizations that are looking to destine funds to any cause concerning common interest.